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4th July 2018

The Live Market Summary client has had a major upgrade to account for BSAD activity, to show a table for units able to turn down to their Stable Export Limit (for windy nights) and access to the data via an API. The extra BSAD info includes an extra price and NIV calculation on the NIV Analysis screen that extends BSAD actions in order to cover off any late reporting as far as is feasible.

12th June 2018

It is now possible to set manual alerts that will only fire when within X minutes of a period start to avoid impact of very early acceptances distorting system price.

6th June 2018

We have added a bit of additional functionality to the Activity Feed to show headroom to MEL (availability) in 50MW increments on accepted Balancing Actions to layer a bit of extra context.

18th May 2018

We have released a revamped version of the forward prices client to add a bit more contract coverage and to improve performance. We noted a few download issues, but will update these in a follow up version.

17th May 2018

NBP gas client now has option to show nominations as percentage of capacity on Nomination Changes chart. Press up and down on the keyboard to toggle between values and percentages. Spectron data has been updated to show more contracts.

8th May 2018

New Bid/Offer Volumes summary chart now sorts by price in the box revealed upon click.

26th April 2018

A new version of apx.netareports.com has many stability and speed improvements and some enhancements. We have now added HH auction prices and auction aggregate curve support so you can see the aggregate curves for the auction(s). This allows a user to estimate potential upside/downside intraday and understand how auction prices could change for the next day.

25th April 2018

The day ahead forecast on Operational Forecasting has been updated to remove extreme outlier values by removing certain series from the forecasting routine. A new chart has appeared, but this is more for our own validation and quick identification is issues than anything else.

24th April 2018

Play/pause has been added for Activity Feeds on trading screens on one of two live versions, with other to follow this week. Feeds will need to be re-added to update the configuration.

24th April 2018

Sheffield solar has been integrated into solar forecasting page on enrenew.netareports.com.

19th April 2018

Data service that exists for opfore.netareports.com has been switched on for enbm.netareports.com for a small subset of charts. Click here for more information.

16th April 2018

New code version to fix issue of custom Trading Screen names and descriptions being lost on refresh.

16th April 2018

Sheffield solar has been integrated into solar forecasting page on enwindgfs.netareports.com.

10th April 2018

Sheffield solar has been integrated into enbm.netareports.com as outturn data on fuel mix.

10th April 2018

Trading screens have been configured to allow joining of two large panes to crate a very tall or very wide panel (fully across screen). Will go live on products on next updates.

9th April 2018

A CSV data download call has been created to access the history of the system price prediction (price plus NIV). This can be found at the following link.

6th April 2018

A clean phone version has been created for easier access by phone. Has been tested on phones in office and will remove extra menus reducing navigation to by headings. The native zoom functionality has been disabled and will now re-draw on phone rotate.

5th April 2018

Combined bid/offer volumes summary chart has been created (link). [NOTE: A fix has been requested as bid prices weren't being sorted].

4th April 2018

A step has been added in the trading screen setup process so that particular series can be entirely removed from a chart when plotted on the trading screen.

4th April 2018

Lynemouth now corrected to biomass from 1st Jan 2018.

4th April 2018

Top navigation menus on enbm.netareports.com to data site now fixed.