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Welcome to the NETA reports website. This service provides access to data and information on the GB electricity market utilising Elexon market data as well as data from additional sources such as APX, Spectron, LEBA, etc.

For some of the services available at this site data is available in real-time via a TIBCO link providing information as it happens as part of live market monitoring tools and data access. The data available extends from notification metering, renewables/weather forecasting, settlement and market pricing data among other data sources.

Core Services

The site is split into a number of sub-sections:


BM Unit Data - Access to Central Registration Agency data on currently registered BM Units.
Settlement Data - Access to CDCA and SAA settlement data.
Summary Data - Access to processed data streams including BM Unit, Fuel and Power Station data downloads. Also provides access to further data such as market prices, gas usage and TNUoS data.
BMRS Data - Access to Elexon BMRS data including availability, generation, demand, dynamic, balancing mechanism (declared & accepted) and frequency data.
XML Backend - Details of how to access the XML calls from which data can be imported into excel or a database.


Market Summary - Summary of operational activity over past 12 months at all BM Units down to half hourly levels with summary charts of this activity and of the overall system.
Market Prices - Market prices activity over past 12 months based upon Spectron data including fuel and carbon costs at standard efficiency gas and coal fired stations.
Revenue Modelling - Modelling of gross profits using plant efficiencies and fuel costs to establish gross profits with rough modelling of further cost bases.


Alerts - Customisable alerts on market activity on either live TIBCO feed or half hourly batched basic data feed.
Market Summary - Live market monitoring tool used by traders and large power stations to follow market activity and to determine market positioning.
APX Market - Live view of APX market activity broken into time blocks showing real-time market price progression.


Meteo Renewables - Renewable forecasting using Meteo's highly accurate weather forecasting inputs.
GFS Renewables - Renewable forecasting using publically available weather forecasting inputs.
Market Prices - Forwards projections of Spectron market prices including fuel and carbon costs at standard efficiency gas and coal fired stations.
Operational Forecasting - Forward projections of operating activity and key parameters related to operating activity.