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Summary Data

This page is the base page for the summary data section of the web site. From this page you will be able to navigate to sections which show summarised data.

The Aggregated Data pages contain data that has been aggregated in order to provide a more condensed view of market activity. For instance data has been aggregated for fuel types and power stations at settlement period and settlement date level, with details of interconnector activity by user also available for download.

The BM Unit Level page contains links to pages that show data at BM Unit level.

The BSC Party Level page contains links to pages that show data at BSC Party level.

The Emissions pages are used to generate spreadsheets summarising emissions data including LCPD data and CO2 numbers.

The Gas Efficiency page is used to generate spreadsheets summarising station output, thermal efficiency and CO2 emissions of gas fired BM Units.

The Pricing Data page contains a variety of pricing data including data made available on a license from LEBA or Spectron as well as calculated series such as the Energy Reference Price.

The System Level pages displays data applicable for the system as a whole including a summary of all the key system data available as a downloadable Excel sheet and TNUoS data.

The SVA (Supplier Volume Allocation) Container Level pages display data on SVA containers. SVA containers are used in NETA/BETTA to hold all small demand and generation sites (for example residential and business customers).

The Trading Unit Level pages display trading unit level data. A Trading Unit can consist of one or more Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units. By default, a Trading Unit is a single BM Unit, called a Sole Trading Unit. Belonging to a Trading Unit that consists of more than one BM Unit allows all the BM Units to be treated the same for: transmission loss multipliers, production/consumption flags, certain BSC costs, Residual Cashflow Reallocation Cashflow (RCRC) and Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charges.

The Wind Forecasts pages display wind forecast data from entities other than National Grid. For National Grid's wind forecast please look under 'BMRS Data'.