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BSC Party Level Data

his page is the base page for data relating to BSC Parties. A BSC Party is any company that has acceded to the Balancing and Settlement Code (i.e. that has signed the BSC Framework Agreement). This includes all licensed electricity companies in Great Britain who are required by their license obligations to sign the BSC. Other companies may choose to do so. A BSC Party is bound by the terms of the BSC, and is subject to certain consequences if they fail to abide by these terms.

The Account Summary page contains links to pages that summarise energy account data for all BSC parties.

The Metered Volume Reallocations (MVRs) page displays summary information on metered volume reallocations (MVRs). Generators, Suppliers and Interconnector Users with registered Balance Mechanism (BM) Units have the option to reallocate their metered volumes to another BSC Party. This is done by submitting a Metered Volume Reallocation Notification (MVRN), which is a contract between two BSC Parties stating where the energy is being reallocated to/from and the volume or percentage of total energy being transferred.

The Party Charges page creates spreadsheets with aggregate charge data for every BSC Party for a time period.