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About the NETA Reports Web-Service

What is the NETA Reports Web-Service ?

Welcome to the NETA reports website. This service provides access to data and information on the GB electricity market utilising Elexon market data as well as data from additional sources such as APX, LEBA, Meteo Group and Spectron.

Most of the data within the system is half-hourly data in near-real time, but some of the services also utilise realtime data accessed via a TIBCO link providing information as-it-happens. This data is used in our live market monitoring tool which is used by power stations and traders to determine the optimal position to take within the market.

Data can be accessed via the data service or via web-based charting applications from which data can also be downloaded. The later offers an instant view of data over a 12 month period without any need to first download the data set.

The what you get page details the functionality of the site in a more formal manner. You can see what functionality is complete and what is to be developed.
The terms and conditions section of the web site contains the terms and conditions for use of the NETA Reports Web-Service.

Neta Reports is a product of EnAppSys, with EnAppSys also offering analysis, consultancy and reporting services to participants across the GB electricity market.

Contact Details:

EnAppSys can be reached using the following and feel free to get in touch with any questions or inquiries:

  • Telephone : 01642 671111
  • E-Mail : support@enappsys.com
  • Stockton Office : Blenheim House, 1 Falcon Court, Preston Farm Business Park, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3TS, United Kingdom
  • Terneuzen Office : Oostelijk Bolwerk 9, 4531 GP Terneuzen, Netherlands