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Terms and Conditions of use for the NETA Reports Web-Service


This section of the site contains the terms and conditions for use of the NETA Reports Web-Service, information on charges and information on how to subscribe to the service.

Summary of the Terms and Conditions of Accessing the Service

NETA Reports is a web service, it is an application which sits on the internet and is paid for via a monthly subscription. To use NETA Reports requires the subscribing party to sign a licence agreement with EnAppSys Ltd. The commercial arrangement between the subscribing party and EnAppSys Ltd is simple, if the subscribing party stops paying for the service, access to the service is denied.

Licence Agreement

Click on the following link to access the legal text of the licence agreement to access the NETA Reports web-service. The legal text of the agreement between the subscribing party and EnAppSys Ltd is not negotiable, however, payment terms with subscribing parties are negotiable within reason. Requests from subscribing parties to accept their terms and conditions of supply will be resisted.

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